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Investing in Guam: A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Buyers

Guam is a tropical paradise that has recently become a hot spot for real estate investment. With its stunning landscapes, warm climate, and strategic location, it’s no wonder that first-time buyers are turning their attention to this island.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a new home or an experienced investor seeking a lucrative opportunity, Guam’s real estate market offers a wealth of options. Its steady economic growth, bolstered by tourism and US military investments, coupled with its robust property laws that provide security for foreign investors, make it an attractive proposition for those venturing into real estate investment.

So, if you’re considering making a leap into this tropical real estate haven, this comprehensive guide will provide you with essential insights and tips to navigate Guam’s dynamic property market.

Why Invest in Guam?

Guam offers several unique advantages for potential investors. Its strategic position between Asia and the Americas makes it an important hub for international business. The island’s robust tourism industry, fueled by visitors from Japan, Korea, and increasingly from China, provides a steady stream of rental income opportunities.

Being a US territory, property rights are secure, and the buying process is similar to that in the mainland United States, making it familiar and accessible to American investors. Guam’s economy is also heavily supported by US military presence, which provides a stable base of renters and homebuyers.

Understanding the Guam Real Estate Market

Before diving into the real estate market in Guam, it’s essential to understand the local conditions. Property prices in Guam have been on an upward trend over the last few years, with residential property prices increasing by 7% from 2018 to 2019 according to the Guam Association of Realtors.

The rental market is also strong, particularly around the military bases where demand is high. However, the market isn’t overly saturated, so there’s still plenty of room for growth and opportunity for investors. 

Guam’s rental market is often led by the military rentals, all active military members get an Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) of $2,205 which is a use it or lose it deal. There are some requirements to rent to the military but this is generally a safe bet in terms of rental investments. 

The United States has both a Navy and an Airforce Base, with plans of bringing more military members to Guam, we can see a need for more housing on Guam as demand will dramatically increase in the coming years.

Tourism is also Guam’s main industry, short term rentals with apps like AirBNB, VRBO, and booking.com are also viable. These are best if you would like to stay in your home for part of the year and generate rental revenue if you are gone.

Financing Your Investment

As in the mainland US, most buyers in Guam finance their real estate purchases with a mortgage. Banks in Guam offer a variety of loan products, including conventional mortgages, VA loans (for veterans), and USDA loans (for rural properties). Interest rates are competitive with those on the mainland, making financing easy and familiar to those from the US mainland.

For foreign investors, investing in Guam property is possible; however, there are a few requirements. Contact us today to find out what requirements, everyone’s situation is different and it is hard to generalize. At Ellen’s Realty we have helped many foreign investors purchase property on Guam.

Finding the Right Property

Finding the right property in Guam requires a keen understanding of the local market and careful consideration of your investment goals. Are you looking for a rental property to generate steady income, or are you more interested in buying a property to sell for a profit in the future?

You’ll also need to consider the location of the property. Properties near the beach or in popular tourist areas tend to command higher rents and have good potential for appreciation. On the other hand, properties near military bases can provide a steady stream of renters. Guam is quite a small place so commuting is not bad for most; it depends on what type of lifestyle the renter desires. Whether its more quiet and secluded, or near more restaurants and amenities, Guam has something for everyone.

Working with a Local Real Estate Agent

Investing in a foreign market can be challenging, so it’s crucial to work with a real estate agent who understands the local market. A good agent can guide you through the buying process, help you avoid potential pitfalls, and ensure that you find a property that meets your investment goals.

For those considering investing in Guam, Ellen’s Realty Guam is an excellent choice. With years of experience in the Guam real estate market, Ellen’s Realty can provide invaluable insight and guidance. They offer a wide range of services, from helping first-time buyers understand the market to assisting seasoned investors in expanding their portfolios.

Navigating Your First Real Estate Purchase with Ellen’s Realty

Buying a property for the first time can feel like navigating a labyrinth. However, with the right guidance and resources, the process can be streamlined and less daunting. If you’re a first-time buyer in Guam, Ellen’s Realty is your go-to partner.

Ellen’s Realty believes in empowering its clients with knowledge. The website features a detailed buyer’s guide to Guam real estate, which underscores the importance of working alongside a real estate professional and outlining clear goals.

The guide advises first-time buyers to secure pre-approval for a loan before starting their property hunt. This not only gives the buyer an idea of their budget but also adds credibility when negotiating with sellers.

We recommend exploring options both online and offline, thus providing a holistic view of available properties. Once a suitable property is found, the next step is making an offer and negotiating terms with the seller.

Once all conditions are met, buyers can finalize financing details and close the deal. The process may seem complex, but with the experienced agents at Ellen’s Realty, it is made simpler and more manageable.

Moreover, Ellen’s Realty doesn’t just stop at helping you buy a property; we also offer services for selling property, property management, and property development. So whether you’re looking to rent out your new property or sell it in the future, Ellen’s Realty can assist you every step of the way.

In conclusion, buying a property for the first time can be a challenging endeavor. But with the right partner like Ellen’s Realty, the journey can be less stressful and more rewarding.


Investing in Guam’s real estate market can be a rewarding venture. The island’s strategic location, robust economy, and strong rental market make it an attractive option for first-time and experienced investors alike. Remember, understanding the local market conditions and working with a knowledgeable real estate agent are key to successful investing.Ready to take the first step in your real estate investment journey in Guam? Contact Ellen’s Realty Guam today to get started.